Thursday, December 15, 2011

i guess this is what i need to do. it has been awhile since i do anything productive. i've been moping for whatever reason that doen't really to bother anyway. i've been in this state of mind for awhile now and i need to get out of here. i need to stop moping. i need to let it go.
Wednesday, June 8, 2011
i am.
i got no muse.
so, i am museless.
Thursday, April 28, 2011
i fell again.
not like before.
before, someone trip me.

i've just notice blood driping from my temple.
i try to pull myself up, but i can't.
right now, i don't think that i can't.
i guess, deep down, i feel like i just want to lie here.
in my own pool of blood.
i feel like i need to, for once, acknowledge the pain.
for once, i need to not let it go.
Friday, April 1, 2011
all this time, i've been silent. i was within myself. trying to understand all the questions and somehow come out with all the answers. in time, i notice all the opportunities, the friendship, relationship, health and wealth pass me by. somehow, regret keep trying to smash the wall of my self conscious but somehow, i manage to gather all my strength to make sure that's never happen.

yes. i've been silent but that does not mean i've lost my voice. i choose to hold my tongue and open my eyes. i keep depriving myself on giving and stating my opinion so that i can really understand what is everyone that was close to me is trying to say and as this moment, i understand clearly.
Saturday, January 29, 2011
what i want is what i need.
Monday, November 22, 2010
at the end of Romeo and Juliet (written by William Shakespeare)
romeo enter the churchyard and paris is waiting for him.
he open the the tomb and found out that juliet is lying there breathless.
the love of his life is no blame him for his cousin death and they fight.
paris is defeated and die.

romeo rest his body close to juliet.he try to make sense of everything that have happen
and then he drink the poison and said...

"O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die"

he kiss juliet lips and then he drop dead beside juliet.

Friar Laurence enter the room and shock to find paris, dead and romeo lifeless body beside juliet.

juliet awakes.

she realize that romeo is lying lifeless beside her.

friar laurence try to pursued her to leave as a noise that indicates page and the watchman is coming is getting louder and louder but she don't want to leave.
she said...

"yea, noise? then i'll be brief. O happy dagger!"
she snatch romeo dagger
"this is thy sheath"
she stab herself
"there rust and let me die"
she falls on romeo body and dies.

it is sad...right?

juliet wakes up and realize that romeo, the love of her life is lying lifeless beside her.

that is a sad situation.

Shakespeare manage to create the greatest love tragedy that ever been written. it is perfect. the idea of star crossed lovers, teenage reckless and stupidity and the ending that somehow hinting about the reality that true love is either real or absurd.

then came along Buzz Luhrmann.

Luhrman manage to take the already perfect script and somehow inject it with his interpertation of how the situation suppose to happen.

in luhrman script, romeo enter the chapel and found out juliet is lying breathless on the altar.
he try to make sense of everything that happen and try to revive her by kissing her but he so overwhelm with the fact the she is no longer with him, he didn't notice that juliet fingers is starting to move. luhrman manage to instill the idea that romeo affection for juliet somehow awakes her from her deep sleep. with the same text use by Shakespeare, romeo
held juliet in his arm while he said...

"eyes, look your last.
arms, takes your last embrace and lips,
o you. the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss..."

ever so slightly, juliet hand moves and still, romeo didn't notice it.

"a dateless bargain to engrossing death"

romeo drinks from the vial and he convulses and falls. he resting his head on juliet

"O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick"

at that precise moment, romeo can see that juliet is opening her eyes. he suck the last few breaths of life into his lungs and then no more. through a blurry consciousness, juliet aware of romeo. juliet said...

"oh romeo. what's here?

forcing herself up, she cradles romeo head in he arms. romeo's clear wide eyes stare back, he is completely still but for the sound of weak breaths desperately drawn across his motionless lips.

she notice the vial and start to kiss romeo lips as if she want to suck the poison for herself. to no avail, with a heart broken voice she whisper...

"thy lips are warm"

desperately they try to cling to each other and with all his desire to stay alive, romeo whispers:

"thus with a kiss i die"

there is no breath. he is still. silence. sobbing, juliet hugs the lifeless romeo.

"romeo. O my true love romeo"

she takes the gun from romeo hand and shot her head off.

in Shakespeare version, romeo dies and then juliet awakes and realize that romeo is dead and kill herself. in luhrmann version, after romeo drinks the poison, he realize that juliet is not dead, manage to whisper his last words and die in her arm. juliet who just awakes from her deep sleep manage to witness the love of her life die slowly in front of her.

Shakespeare still manage to keep the idea that what happen at the end for romoe and juliet is what suppose to happen to them. some people didn't like the idea but it just the matter of acceptance. they die at the end signify that the idea of true love die with them while luhrman try to make sure that what have happen to them is unjust and can be avoid. he give them a little space so that somehow they can say they goodbyes and in reality that is just unrealistic.

i like what luhrmann done with the story. he manage to make it his own. it's fresh and more cunning.

it is as if he try to re-create a new meaning to the statement " i don't love you anymore" and give it a real meaning for the words by saying " i don't want to love you anymore". it suppose to carry the same meaning but it is not. good effort though...


Sunday, October 31, 2010
it suppose to make you feels...something.
something good, bad or whatever.
it suppose to make you wonder...
about things that matters to you.
it suppose to make you think...

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